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A Natural Approach to Healing

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I am a clinical Hypnotherapist, trained by the Somerset School of Hypnotherapy, (Member of the International Practitioners of Holistic Medicine) and a Master Reiki Practitioner/Reiki Master Teacher, registered with the UK Reiki Federation. I am based in Surrey and fully insured.

My other therapies include Animal Reiki (trained by the well known Kathleen Prasad of Animal Reiki Source) and I am a qualified Shamanic Practitioner.

My goal is very simple, to help people who need it.  I started off with a science led degree and then found my true vocation was people-oriented.  I spent many years as a Community First Responder, dealing with cardiac arrests and major trauma and now work for the Samaritans as a volunteer listener.

My family and I have shared our home with many dogs and cats, currently we live with our lovely Golden Retrievers with whom I spend many happy hours.

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Reiki Treatment
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Hypnotherapy and Reiki Combined

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I have experienced several of Giselle’s 1 to 1 healing sessions, using her various modalities of healing and have always found them to be amazingly transformative and healing. Most recently I experienced a weight loss hypnosis session. After this session I noticed a definite and marked change in relation to food cravings and habits. I found myself almost forgetting to eat and really enjoyed a sense of freedom as I realised that my usual constant preoccupation with eating and snacking had vanished! It was quite remarkable and highlighted just how much of how we think and feel must be subconscious and therefore can be altered by appealing to this aspect of ourselves. Prior to the session, Giselle also helped me to identify aspects of my past that may have contributed to an unconscious drive to gain weight in her individualised  session. Giselle is an extremely insightful, down to earth and caring practitioner so I felt easily able to be open and receptive. The session itself was profoundly relaxing and being in such a beautiful setting was an added bonus. Thoroughly recommend! --

Helena Ashby 0745 33 70 4 70


Giselle transformed the quality of the final phase of life and passing of my beautiful, sweet cat, Frankie. Giselle's incredibly gentle approach gained the trust of Frankie, who did not usually trust other people, as he allowed Giselle to administer Reiki on numerous occasions. Even when Giselle gave Reiki at a distance, I knew, as Frankie's whole body relaxed. Giselle explained to me how Frankie was feeling and helped me to connect with him to understand the right time for Frankie's passing. On Frankie's last day on this earth, for the first time he cried in pain. As soon as Giselle gave Frankie Reiki, he was so peaceful and, after the vet arrived, Frankie passed away gently and quickly.

Thank you Giselle for giving Frankie such peace and dignity. No-one else could have helped Frankie in the way you did.

Sylvia x & Frankie x


Jessica Pierce, 34, new mother to a young baby. When my son was born he suffered from a lot of wind and silent reflux, which meant he was in a lot of discomfort and crying a lot. I started to struggle to cope with the crying and it was causing me a lot of distress. After a hypnotherapy session with Giselle, I found I was able to cope better with the crying and she gave a number of useful exercises I could practise at home - soon I found I was much less distressed and able to enjoy the time with my newborn son. 

Jessica Pierce, London.

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For more information about my therapies, please email me directly, text me, or fill out the form below and I'll get back to you.

Effingham, Surrey, England


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HYPNOTHERAPY:  £35 per session, initial consultation free.  

REIKI:  £35 per session. 


ANIMAL REIKI:  Complimentary.  Animals are gifts to us and I like to give something back.

Please note: my belief is that therapy should be available to all who need it. Concessionary rates are available, please get in touch for more information

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